East Dunbartonshire Direct Payments Support Service

If you are assessed as requiring community care services, rather than relying on services provided by the council, you can now obtain the money to buy your own service.

The East Dunbartonshire Direct Payments Support Service (EDDPSS) provides information and advice to enable you to explore all your options for independent living.

Our service provides people with information, advocacy and support to obtain a direct payment or other support service. It will also assist local direct payment users to set up their own user led support service.

EDDPSS is managed by the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL) which is a user led organisation run by disabled people for the benefit of disabled people and have been assisting disabled people in Glasgow to manage their own independent living packages since 1995.

We are continually updating this site and would welcome any comments and suggestions you may have to improve this site. Please e-mail direct.payments@eddpss.co.uk with your suggestions.



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